Why The Men’s Rights Movement Is Garbage

Men’s rights must-read

The Belle Jar

I need to take a moment here to talk about the Men’s Rights Movement, because there seems to be some confusion. Actually, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion.

Over the past little while, I’ve had a number of people challenge me on calling out men’s rights activists (hereafter referred to as MRAs). “But men are oppressed too,” people say. “Feminism is sexist, and it teaches men that masculinity is wrong.” “Straight, white men aren’t allowed to be proud of themselves anymore.” “If you believe in equality, then you should want men to have the same type of activism as women.” “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

First of all, yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But let’s not pretend that all opinions are created equal – some are based on fact, and some are total bullshit. Like, I could tell you that I believe that vaccines…

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  1. Here’s what I said on her blog: I don’t think there’s one issue that MRAs complain about where the real problem isn’t patriarchy. These guys complain on my blog, and I just point out how patriarchy is the real cause of their problem. And then they lose interest and stop commenting.

    1. I was going to disagree and point out that plenty of men don’t get a fair shake in family court, but when I thought about it, you’re right that the root of the issue is still the patriarchy. It’s the patriarchy that sees parenthood as being a woman’s job and supporting the family as a man’s job. And with every man that is glad to wash his hands of the responsibility and logistics of raising children, that stereotype is solidified.

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