Deadlines never bothered me anyway: a crowdsourcing request (UPDATED)

You may remember not TOO too long ago I posted a 30-second clip entitled “Fuck it all.”  Simple, but brilliant.  It really spoke to me, man.  Through October 15 (yesterday – woohoo!) I was going through a time of year at work that just gets REALLY unpleasant.  Not just because of the deadline but because of all the bullshit coming from certain unavoidable personalities.

So, a funny thing started happening in my head over the last week or so – even as that 30-second clip kept playing in my mind, my brain started filling in the rest of the song.  I took some time on my commute and ran with it, and I managed to fill in ~90% of the song.  There are a few lines where I’m just stuck – I can’t think of anything really good to go there, and there are a few more lines where I have a couple possibilities between which I can’t decide.  Even more lines have been rewritten a few times and I believe I have settled on the best combination below –

UPDATE: After posting this, the creative juices got flowing, and I settled on what I think is the final version.  Crowdsourcing request is still up because I would be happy to hear your ideas on improvements.


Deadlines never bothered me anyway
(to the tune of Let it Go)

The lights are on in the office tonight
Not another soul around
With stacks of my workpapers
On my desk and on the ground

My kids are howling ’cause I can’t see them tonight
Couldn’t keep my promise; heaven knows I tried

Don’t stop to think – just get it done
You’ll only make it worse for everyone
Can’t take much more; I don’t know why 
I even try

Fuck it all; fuck it all
Don’t give a shit anymore
Fuck it all; fuck it all
Grab my keys – I’m out the door
I don’t care what my boss will say
I don’t give a fuck
Deadlines never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how my world now
Comes suddenly alight
As I leave my work behind me
And run into the night

It’s time to see what happens next
When I send my boss a nasty text
Fix this, fix that – no not for me 
I’m free!

Fuck it all; fuck it all
What a sweet refrain to sing
Fuck it all; fuck it all
Strike a match to everything
What delight on this beautiful night
As I drive away.

My boss comes in now like a hurricane of flame
With clenched jaw, bulging eyes as he spits out my name
And one thought crystallizes like the frosty air 
I’m getting fired now – and I can’t seem to care!

Fuck it all!  Fuck it all!
You are all a bunch of tools
Fuck it all; fuck it all
Flip the table; screw you fools
I won’t take this bullshit one more day
I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!

Never liked that company anyway.



You’ll notice that I also changed a line or two even from the clip because the cadence and the rhyming wasn’t quite there.

So where do you come in?  Well, I want you to tear it apart.  Tell me what works, especially tell me what doesn’t work, and send me any suggestions you have for missing and/or replacement lines.  Once we get a good, solid song that we’ve settled on, I can put together a video and find someone to sing it if you guys want to hear it.

Look forward to your help!


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