Meet biracial twins Lucy and Maira Aylmer who appear to be two different races

Oh wow! If these ladies weren’t twins and instead were 2-1/2 years apart, they could so be my daughters. People always do a double-take when they point out the other one as their sister – and I don’t blame them! It’s not something you see every day.

Universal Journal Review

New York Post: There’s a set of biracial twins in the UK who are turning heads because one is black and the other is white.

Born in 1997 to a white father and a half-Jamaican mother, the sisters have grown accustomed to getting mistaken for being just friends — and they have even had to produce their birth certificates in order to prove they are in fact related, Barcroft Media reports…


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  1. Well how cool is that?! They couldn’t be much different in coloring with the white girl being so light-colored. And that image hopes to communicate how ridiculous racism is.

  2. The image doesn’t show how ridiculous racism it is. It shows how ridiculous the concept of race is. So these two come from the same mother and father. Are small variations like skin color and hair shape enough for a new taxonomical group?

  3. Hi! You might be interesting in this video ( about black-and-white twins in the UK.

    Also, with those two – I don’t know how people can think they’re not related – their faces and other features are just the same when they’re young (although the redhead looks like she’s had plastic surgery when they’re older). My sister and I are both about as white as can be and don’t look as alike as those two, in my opinion.

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