An unrepeatable miracle 

No moralizing, no preaching, no “sky is falling” … none of that is effective anyway. Just … think about this for a bit. That’s all I ask.

Under Reconstruction

This is quite a departure from my usual “doodles”. I drew this today as my heart ached from the latest news about the desecration of the purest, most innocent of all human life. It is but the icing on top of many other abominable practices to which our culture has become desensitized. I’ve said much about this on other channels, and I don’t intend to elaborate in this space.

For now let’s pause to simply behold the miracle, the self-evident beauty that is every human being.

The human being is single, unique, and unrepeatable, someone thought of and chosen from eternity, someone called and identified by name.

–Pope John Paul II

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  1. I don’t like abortion — and I’m guessing that this is an antiabortion “doodle” — but the alternative to legal abortion is more women dying from trying to get them illegally.

    Making abortion illegal has little effect on abortion rates. Desperate women find a way to get them.

    And it’s not like it hurts the sanctity of life, in that it’s not emotionally easy for anyone, the woman or those of us who are aware of women getting them.

    The sincerity of the pro-life movement is questionable for number of reasons including this: most “pro-lifers” are against birth control, Which is the surest way to stop abortion.

    1. “Making abortion illegal has little effect on abortion rates.”

      See what I wrote to Icarus below.

      “The sincerity of the pro-life movement is questionable for number of reasons including this: most “pro-lifers” are against birth control, Which is the surest way to stop abortion.”

      I could very easily say that the sincerity of the pro-choice movement is questionable for a number of reasons including the fact that most “pro-choicers” think there are many situations in which abortion is the only “responsible” choice. But pro-choicers are not a monolithic bloc, and neither are pro-lifers.

      As for the rest, I think there are several issues being blended together, and I would like to take the time to break them out and address them in a separate post.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I don’t like abortion either but I’m pro-choice under certain circumstances. Hope we can still be friends.

    Perhaps since it is legal we should require high school students to intern at a clinic where abortions are performed. I believe that would change the desensitized issue.

    1. When I was a teen, I volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center. It was a really good experience, because it became abundantly clear that unplanned pregnancy was a Real Thing and not just something that happens to no one I know. That type of thing changes behavior (temporarily, at least).

      I would love to see all high schools incorporate a daycare (or three or four high schools coop a daycare) and require everyone to do a one-term class. Hopefully that would communicate the gravity of parenthood without the paralyzing fear of babies that people like my husband have from those awful robo-babies.

      I’ll admit that I don’t know what the legal solution is; I can’t imagine we want a world where women have to prove that they had a legitimate miscarriage as opposed to an abortion. The reality is that sometimes people meet an untimely death without any criminal activity involved. Surely there’s a middle ground between prosecuting women for miscarriages and the Massacre of the Holy Innocents 2.0. Somewhere.

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