Don’t be an ass at the gym

Monday seems to be the busiest day at my gym, so in light of that I offer the following public service announcement:


How’s that?  Oh, you think I need to be more specific?  Alrighty then –

1) If you grab dumbbells off the weight rack, don’t do your reps right there where you’re standing.  You’re blocking me from grabbing the specific dumbbells that I need to do my reps, which I assure you are not less important than yours.  Why yes, I will stand diagonally behind you and do the hip jut while I give you the stink-eye in the mirror.  And then I will purposefully invade your personal space as I swoop in the nanosecond you move to grab / put away the dumbbells I need.  Just like I do every goddamned time you do this.  How have you not figured this out yet?

2) If you use a machine, use it and then get off.  Don’t sit there for 12 minutes (yes, I clocked your ass) playing on your phone while you rest for four minutes between your 20-second sets at the lowest possible weight.  There are other people here, and some of us want to use that machine which, as you will observe, is the only one of it’s kind in the gym.

Exception: If you are old, disregard #2.  You are a badass and I am more than happy to work around you.

3) Don’t spray the cleaner out in the middle, forcing us all to breathe it in.  I don’t want that shit in my lungs.  Spray a towel discreetly in the corner and then come over and wipe the machine off.

Overall, my gym is pretty awesome.  We have people of all sizes, shapes, ages, and levels of fitness there, and people are usually pretty good about being considerate and working around each other.  If we can just tamp down on these inconsiderate habits, the place will be even more pleasant.


    1. Nah – for me that’s pretty much it. I’m fairly easygoing that way. Now, it would be nice if the crowd would thin out a little whenever I’m there, but that’s not something I can legitimately ask for.

      I assume you have your own list of gym pet peeves?

      1. I do. I cannot really think of anything specific at the moment but mine also relate to people not realizing that other people are in the gym at the same time and require a modicum of personal space.

  1. Hi, Monday is probably the busiest gym day since people eat and drink a lot over the weekend at social gatherings, and want to lose the added calories.
    I am Melinda’s friend. You liked my article about blog branding that mentioned her that she reblogged. Thanks for liking my article.
    Nice to meet you.

    1. Nice to meet you, too!

      That’s interesting – I hadn’t thought of that. I assumed it came from a “Let’s start the week off right!” attitude which starts well enough on Monday and then declines through the week.

  2. blimey, if they are the only complaints you have you go to a good gym 😀 😀

    I would have just asked the person on their phone to move too…people are really oblivious sometimes and need telling! 🙂

      1. on saying that, people sitting around on stuff using their phones in the gym is one of my pet hates!!
        even if they are tracking exercise with them they could get out of the way, they shouldn’t need to be asked!

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