How to get your very own TSA pat-down

Wear this.


Yup – that’s what I wore to work today as I flew out of O’Hare to join one of my audit teams for a couple days.

It turns out that there is metallic thread in the shirt, and the airport body scanners don’t like it.  Because of that, I made it to second base this morning with a very nice TSA lady.

So!  Lesson to all of you – watch out for metallic thread in your clothing if you have to fly for business, lest your diabolical plans to go to work at your boring, run-of-the-mill job be foiled by the TSA.


  1. I’ll be alert for that! Also, I’ll forever shake my head at myself for my own pat-down experience, when I once wore a shirt with … a big built-in brooch prominent on one shoulder.

  2. I read this post a while back, and then thought of it and wanted to laugh when I too, received my very own pat down for the EXACT SAME REASON. Haha! It never occurred to me my shirt has metallic thread, but there I was getting felt up by a chick 😛

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