The Fellowship of the Commute

Today was one of those days.  One of those days when I had to take the train downtown.  One of those days when I had to stand on a windy train platform in the suburbs and then walk through several blocks of wind once I arrived downtown.  I should point out here that since it’s February and it’s Chicago, it wasn’t exactly a tropical summer breeze – no.  It was COLD.

But I wasn’t the only one, obviously.  The sidewalks were crawling with people who were just as cold as I was.  You guys – why are we all suffering alone?  What if we huddled together for warmth like penguins?  Oh okay sure – I suppose there’s niggling little issues like “personal space” and all.


But think how much warmer we would be!

I suppose I should be grateful that I don’t have to do this very often.  Last time I went downtown was right at the beginning of February and it looked a lot like this –


Insert adventurous soundtrack here

Yup – that’s me.  Well, except for the elf and the wizard and the hobbits.  But other than that it was pretty spot-on.  I would have felt sorry for myself having to walk in all of that, except I was too busy feeling sorry for everyone who was driving – I was actually moving faster than they were!

Oh well.  At least I had my coffee to keep my company.  And that’s another thing – what does it say about our commuter culture when you order just a regular cup of coffee and they ask you if you want a shot of espresso added?  I mean, obviously YES I do (and it was delicious!) but the fact that they just knew to ask that worries me.  How many other people perpetually don’t get enough sleep because of their commute?  How many other people are just used to a certain level of daily misery because of their commute?

At any rate, I’m sitting on my couch now in a sweatshirt and yoga pants.  I think I’m finally thawed out.  Until next time.