Emily’s abortion video

Okay.  I can’t watch this and not comment on it.  Couple of quick observations –

1) I believe that she has nothing but the best of intentions.  Accusing her of being an attention-seeking aspiring actress is not helpful.  Are you a mind-reader?  Then STFU.

2) I noticed that during the procedure, she did that slow, deliberate, relaxation-breathing thing that I do at the gynecologist.  Ladies – this is a very effective way to deal with that type of discomfort.

3) It was very wise to disable comments here if the comments here are any indication.  These types of comments are not helpful.  You want to circle-jerk and preach to the choir?  That’s your right.  But it’s also my right to call you out as an asshole.

Now then.

This whole thing hit me in the pit of my stomach.  What kills me is – how does she not realize what’s truly going on?  How can she simultaneously marvel at her body’s ability to create life, keep her sonogram as a sentimental memento, observe that the whole procedure was “birth-like” … and still not understand that a life ended that day?

Here’s the thing – I understand that feeling of your heart falling through your stomach as you watch that second pink line slowly take shape on the pregnancy test.  I understand that feeling of wondering how this new little life will impact your own.  I understand not knowing how it’s possible to go from “single” to “mom.”  I understand how being “pregnant” feels like this weird, amorphous, out-there concept that doesn’t even seem real.  I get that!  Because that was me 11 years ago.

But a life is a life is a life.  What reason could there possibly be that’s compelling enough to end another’s life?  A life so small they can’t even fight back?  All other human rights (liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc.) depend on first being granted the right to life.  Unless the right to life is held sacred, all other human rights ring hollow.  I cannot imagine ever being pro-choice.

In the Cosmo article (already linked above) she says, “Our society breeds this guilt.  We inhale it from all directions.”  Has she considered that maybe there’s a reason?  Especially since we have the technology to see, without a doubt, the development of a human being virtually from the moment of conception on?  It’s not by random chance that hearts and minds are changing.  And it doesn’t hurt that through a combination of government programs, churches(*), and crisis pregnancy centers(**), there are fewer and fewer circumstances where a woman would feel like she needs to choose abortion out of desperation.  What’s done is done and can never be undone.  But we can move forward and help support everyone in a crisis situation.

And that’s what I keep coming back to – I get that she wants to help and support women in their time of need, but how does she talk about life and still not see the reality of what abortion is?

(*) At least, the ones I’ve attended.

(**) At least, the ones I’ve been involved with

One comment

  1. Well, when does life begin? A lot of people are against stem cell research because you’re killing people. When I ask the same folks whether they would save an actual child or a vat of stem cells if a fire broke out, they say they would save the one child over thousands of “people.”

    I personally don’t like abortion, but those who are against it — perhaps not you — also tend to be against birth control, which is the best method of stopping abortion.

    And you might know, this but laws restricting abortion don’t seem to have much effect. (And you don’t seem to be supporting laws against it in this post.) Desperate women will either go to a back alley abortionists or do it themselves. So you end up with more death. So I think it’s important to keep abortion safe, legal, and — via contraception — rare.

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